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The development of new sealing materials to meet the needs of Aerospace

Announced that its development of fluorine silicone sealant F273 to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry, strict fuel seal. American automobile and Aerospace Engineering Society / performance evaluation of the association SAE/PRI has according to the American Standard AMS-7273, preparing fluorosilicone sealant test aerospace industrial applications of all parameters and the critical value.

Fully meet these needs, and even in some areas beyond demand. For example, AMS-7273 provisions of anti - 55 DEG at low temperature, and an f273 resistant to low temperature reached - 70 degrees Celsius; the provisions of the AMS-7273 strain critical value is 30%, while an f273 to keep required of high toughness and strain is only 17.5% in the long time.

It is precisely because of the material properties of these F273, it is currently recommended and tested by the performance evaluation association to be the only flexible sealing material in the qualified products.

O can be used in the manufacture of fuel system and engine F273 - shaped sealing ring. In addition, these O - shaped sealing rings are also used to seal the tank remaining fuel system, fuel valve, pump and engine operating ambient temperature range of - 70-200 C aircraft related systems.

The important reason for the performance of F273 to meet the demand is the basic material component, that is, the fluorine silicone (fluorosilicone (FVMQ)). Excellent high temperature performance, excellent resistance to mineral oil and all of the hydrocarbon fuel containing hydrocarbon fuels.